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Smooth YYH : Miscellaneous Characters ( leftovers )

There are still plenty of characters missing here and I'm also lacking some images. 
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An investigator assigned by Koenma to monitor Yusuke's doings while Yusuke was wandering around in Ningenkai with Botan. Physically she is a child but, similar to Koenma, she is a mature and intelligent being. She only appeared in episode 4 of the series, but in the manga, she has a deeper story.
Ikitchi IKITCHI 
Ikitchi is Kuwabara's pet cat. It was once taken by a group of gangsters from their rival school and used it as bait so that Kuwabara would follow whatever they tell him to do. Yusuke, after seeing Kuwabara sacrificed his pride and all just to save Ikitchi, switfly took the cat from the gangleader and faced him. Kuwabara and his friends, who're emotionally charged at that time, fought the rest of the gang members. 
gouki GOUKI 
A youkai who had 12 criminal cases in rei kai. He stole the orb which was one of rei kai's sacred treasures. He eats the souls of humans especially children. He used the orb to get the souls from a child's body. He was the first youkai whom Yusuke confronted. Gouki's body was as strong as steel, that's why he had a difficult time in defeating him. Yusuke managed to defeat him in their second match by firing the rei gun ( with the help of the ring ) in his mouth since his mouth was not as strong as steel.
bat king BAT KING - ( I have no idea what his name was in Japanese ) 
Since I have no idea what his original name was, let's just call him the bat king. The Bat King lives in the forest and he feeds on humans. Unfortunately, it was the same forest where the race was held during Genkai's tournament. Now, Yusuke was the less-fortunate soul who got lost and faced the bat king by himself. The bat king attacked Yusuke but, of course, he was no match for Yusuke. Yusuke literally tied the bat king in a tree so he wouldn't bother anyone from that point on.  This was also the reason why Yusuke was delayed and he was the last one who reached the 'finish line'. 
Kibanou KIBANOU 
A challenger in Genkai's tournament. He and Yusuke fought in the 3rd part of the tournament: fighting in the midst of darkness. Kibanou used a mask to see in the dark and to study his opponents strength. Yusuke placed a lighted cigarette in Kibanou's belt so that he could see where Kibanou is. He fired his rei gun towards Kibanou's mask and he was immediately defeated.

musashi MUSASHI
A samurai warrior who uses a wooden sword and has a pirate's eye. Kuwabara fought him during the tournament for the successor of Genkai. It was in this match that lead Kuwabara's rei ki to be materialized as a sword of light spontaneously. His very own rei ken. 

kazemaru KAZEMARU 
A challenger in Genkai's tournament. He is a ninja and uses explosive shurakens as his weapon. He almost won the match , but Yusuke was lucky to fall into a pond and the shurakens that were following him led to Kazemaru.

A powerful youkai whom Yusuke must defeat in Genkai's tournament. He disguised as an innocent looking human ( bald ) named Shiourin at first so he could not be recognized. He was defeated by Yusuke by luck in the end; some dirt got inside Yusuke's ear while Rando cursed him. The curse was directed back to Rando and he was defeated.

THE SHISEIJUU ( The Four Holy Beasts ) - after the Genkai tournament 
Byakko BYAKO 
A member of the Shiseijuu with a form of a giant human tiger. Its color is blue with stripes and has gigantic strength. He has control over hideous and deadly rodents and uses them against the enemy. Byako, however, was defeated by Kuwabara but he was killed by his own team mate, Seiruu.
genbu GENBU
A rock creature and a member of the shiseijuu. He can disassemble himself and attacks his body parts ( rocks ) towards his opponent and then reassembles again. Genbu was defeated by Kurama by stealing the glowing red rock which Kurama was able to notice while Genbu was attacking him. The rock by the way was his source of power. Kurama destroyed the rock using his rose whip and then Genbu was eliminated for good.  

seiruu SEIRUU 

 A member of the Shiseijuu. He has a form of human but his skin color is blue as well as his clothes ( With A Pictures of a blue dragon ). He is uses ice magic which maybe the reason why he has a cold heart. He was defeated by hiei by slashing him 16 times with his sword only in a split second. This also portrayed hiei's excellent speed capability.

susaku SUZAKU 
The leader of the Shiseijuu and has the ability to control  electricity. He emmits electricity and can turn them into a form of bow and arrow. He can also clone himself into seven. He posses the magic whistle that controls the minds of several people who tries to grab Keiko in  their school. he was defeated by yusuke with a little "mind" support from Kuwabara and Genkai.
inmaki INMAKI 

One of the guardians of Tarukane. He wears black clothing and uses claws ( similar to wolverine's )  as his weapon. He can disappear in mid air and attacks swiftly. Yusuke instantly defeated him by using his multiple rei ki punches with Kuwabara's signal.
gokumonki GOKUMONKI 

 He is also one of the guardians of Tarukane. He has the size of a giant and uses a huge spike-edged bat as his weapon. He was instantly defeated by Yusuke and Kuwabara by kicking him hard. 

miyuki MIYUKI 
One of the guardians of the evil merchant who kidnapped Yukina. This one's interesting because this youkai is actually a male and considered as a gay youkai. The tv series may not have shown this but while Yusuke was fighting him, he touched this youkai's private body parts to make sure that this youkai is a he.
The wealthy and evil merchant who abducted Yukina and tortured her to have her tears that turn into priceless gems. The Toguro brothers were also under his control at that time , but they were secretly under Sakyo's. At the later end of the "Yukina" eps, Tarukane was beaten by Hiei and had been surrendered to the authorities. Yukina was rescued and she was safely escorted to a place of snow to recover her strength.
sakyo SAKYO 
A wealthy man with a crazy mind. He plans to create a hole linking makai to ningenkai , and that would mean destruction of mankind. Anyway, to identify him easily, he smokes pretty often and wears a black suite. He has very long black hair and has a scar on his face. He is the head of the Toguro team during the Ankoku. Despite of all that, he was fond of torturing and killing animals when he was a kid. He was different and didn't had any friends, even in his family. In the Ankoku, he saved Shizuru Kuwabara from a bunch of youkai guards twice, but he did not tell her his real identity. He died after the Urameshi team won the tournament just as the deal says.
Puu is actually "Yusuke's half". His existence is an extension of Yusuke's being and he can feel the exact same emotion/feeling as Yusuke. To refresh your memory, Puu actually came from the EGG that Koenma used to give Yusuke before Yusuke was reincarnated in the earlier episodes. 
koto KOTO
The official emcee of the Ankoku Bujutsukai. Koto has a form of a human but has ears, whiskers, and reflexes of a cat/fox. 

The ring leader of the Ankoku Bujutsukai Semi-finals. She's a female youkai with a form of a human , but with ears and a tail of a dragon.

roto ROTO 
 A member of the Rokuyukai team. He's a  youkai that has violet skin and can turn his hands into any weapon he wish to use. His opponent at that time was Kurama. He threatened Kurama by bombing the house of Shiori, his  mother during their match. To prevent the bombing, Kurama must give up the match and let Roto win. And so, Kurama accepted all of Roto's attacks without fighting back. Then he managed to throw a seed against Roto's body without Roto noticing its effect. Roto did not feel anything until a plant grew inside him ( approx. 4 mins. after Kurama threw the seed ) and it instantly killed him. [ CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HE DIED
zeruz ZERU
The leader of the Rokuyukai team and the first to experience Hiei's "ensatsu-koku-ryu-ha" or the "evil-king-black-dragon-wave"- the strongest technique from Hiei's powers. It was also the first time that Hiei used this technique to anybody. Zeru was disintegrated after being eaten by the black dragon. Hiei, on the other hand, almost lost his right arm after using such a dangerous technique and , not to mention, for doing it for the first time.
rinku RINKU

A member of the Rokuyukai Team. Rinku is a skilled kid that uses deadly yoyos as his weapon and has a fighting style of a snake. He defeated Kuwabara in the match. 

chu CHUU
The drunken master that can multipy himself ( similar to Suzaku ) and has strong physical strength. Yusuke faced him and defeated him without any powers, just pure muscle strength. He managed to knock him out by hitting his head first with Chuu's head. Chuu was also attracted to Juri, the emcee of the Ankoku.
ichigaki DR. ICHIGAKI 
The head of the Ichigaki team. He is an evil scientist who took advantage of a group of fighters who has a sick sensei. He promised them that he would cure their teacher only if they would join the tournament under his control. When Yusuke, Genkai, and Kuwabara defeated his team, he transformed into a giant beast but he was easily defeated by Yusuke whose heart was filled with hatred and anger for what Ichigaki did. 

Other members of the Ichigaki team  M-1 Gou ( En ), M-2 Gou ( Ryou ), M-3 Gou ( Kai ), M-4 Gou, M-5 Gou.
gatasubaru GATASUBARU  
 A giant robot used by 2 members of the Ichigaki team ( M-4 Gou & M-5 Gou ) to fight Hiei and Kurama in the forest ( outside the dome ). The purpose of those two is to prevent Kurama and Hiei from re-uniting with their team mates during the match of the Urameshi team vs. Dr. Ichigaki Team. 
sensei ( NAME UNKNOWN ) 
 This is the sensei ( teacher/mentor ) of the fighters of the Ichigaki team.  He was suffering to an illness and his students had no money for the medicine. During the tournament, Ichigaki hid him in a cave until his goals were realized. Fortunately, Kurama and Hiei found the sensei and Kurama gave him a special medicine so he can be healed. After the match ( Urameshi vs Ichigaki team ) , the sensei was reunited with his students.  
En M-1 GOU ( EN ) - uncertain 
Member of the Ichigaki team and he uses an air-vac attack using his hand which is a quite deadly technique. I think he called it a "hand-claw" attack ( here in the Phils. ). 
ryou M-2 GOU ( RYOU ) - uncertain 
 Member of the Ichigaki team. He uses an invisible swing-crash attack which is actually more like a wind strike. Yusuke and Kuwbara had a difficult time dealing with this technique. Even if both of them are blocks away, they can still get hit by his attack without them noticing its approach. 
Kai-? M-3 GOU ( KAI ) - uncertain
 Youngest member ( I'm assuming at this one ) of the Ichigaki team. He uses rei ki generated halos ( yellowish in color ) and strikes them towards the enemy. He also exceeds his team mates in terms of agility and speed by fault ( hehe..well, he's the youngest so what'd you expect? ).  
ruka RUKA
A member of the Mashoutoukai Team. She was disguised as a beautiful nurse and caged Hiei and Fukumen ( Genkai ) inside an electric field. She also caught the heart of Koenma only for a moment . She does have the looks and the body 'ya know. 

a member of the Mashoutoukai Team. His weapon is the make up mixed with poison. Once he painted his opponent with make up, his opponent will experience heaviness like he's a chained prisoner with heavy and huge balls made of iron that unables him  to move. Kurama, after defeating Gama with his rose whip from his hair,  was spilled with Gama's blood which is the poison mixed in his makeup.  He was cursed and had a difficult time to move until his next match. 
a member of the Mashoutoukai  Team who can control ice. Just one look at him and you could see him as an ice youkai ( cool hair too ).  He uses small but sharp brittles of ice and blow them to his opponent. Another tech of his is his ice sword attached to his hand. Kurama defeated him with his plants but he was seriously injured after the match. 

A goblin who uses wind technique and also a member of the Mashoutoukai team. Jin was one of the toughest opponents that Yusuke faced during the ankoku. Jin is very skilled in using his wind techniques. His attacks were not bad either. He was the first youkai to encounter Yusuke's "spirit light bullet" technique which knocked him out. After their match, he was pretty amazed with Yusuke because of his strength. From that point on, Jin and Yusuke became friends.
bakken BAKKEN
A member of the Mashoutoukai Team who can generate steam and smoke from his sweat. He hides from his smoke to make it difficult for his opponent to see him, then he attack ,then he hides again. He was defeated by Yusuke by making a hole from the dome. The smoke went out of the dome and Kuromomotaro became hopeless against Yusuke. He was beaten by Yusuke's punches until he passed out. He also hit Kurama several times just for fun eventhough he knew that Kurama had no chance against him because Kurama was already half-dead and he was not moving ( but still standing ) after fighting Gama and Touya consecutively.

rishou RISHOU
The leader of the Mashoutoukai  Team. He wears a black dress and has black hair. He uses sand and rock as his weapon. He can manipulate different kinds of armor and weapons made of sand and rocks. He was defeated by Kuwabara with the help of Yukina's appearance with the audience.

A team of five with good skills and a fair leader. Their entire team was killed by Toguro Oni alone. The worst part of it was one the Gorenja team's team mate betrayed them in exchange for his life. He was also killed just like the rest of the team as expected.

The leader of the Uraotogi team. He is the master of disguises and during the ankoku, he used the form of an old man because he can't think of anything better. He also considers himself as a handsome person which everyone disagrees. He can also project a giant bubble that captures and traps the opponent inside and let a portal suck it inside. The portal leads the person it engulfed towards a far place. When Kuwabara was sucked into the portal, it lead him back to the old dome of the tournament which is only a few blocks away from the dome they currently use. This happened to him twice when he returned to the new dome where the tournament was being held and continued his match with Suzuki. When Genkai took Kuwabara's place after losing the match, she defeated him with a little bit of pleasure because of his annoying pride. After the match, he gave a sword handle to Kuwabara which absorbs its holder's power and emmits a special sword. He also gave a liquid solution to Kurama that will transform him back to his Youko form. These two were essential tools to Kuwabara and Kurama's success to their final match.
A good-looking youkai samurai warrior and a member of the Uraotogi Team. His powers rely on his sword that has a special kind of power. He was defeated by Genkai ( at this match Genkai just passed on her powers to Yusuke ) by absorbing his powers and used it against him. 

A member of the Uraotogi Team. He is small but almost as skilled as Kurama in using his piano wire whip. He deceived Kurama by making him believe that he was forced to join the tournament  by their leader and he was ready to be defeated in Kurama's hands. While Kurama was open-handed , Urashima opened a box that will transform his opponent into a helpless child. But in Kurama's case, he transformed into a  youko  which made him more powerful. He was threatened by Kurama to tell him the secret of the box he just opened,  but he was instantly killed by Wakamaru knowing that he was a useless team mate.

kuromomotaro KUROMOMOTARO
A member of the Uraotogi team who can use three different armors at a time. This youkai is a tough one because Hiei had a difficult time in defeating him. This was also the first time that Hiei's katana ( sword ) broke into two because of Kuro's unbreakable armor ( his 2nd armor ). Hiei used his "ja-ou-en-satsu-ken" or locally translated as the "black fire sword" for the very first time which he instantly defeated his opponent with one swift slash . He also used his "ja-ou-ensatsu-rengoku-shou" or the "evil-king-purgatory-scorching" in this match.

makinatarou MAKINTARO
A member of the Uraotogi Team . He has a dark brown complexion and has a gigantic size. He was swiftly defeated Hiei by stabbing him with his sword at his back. 

karasu KARASU
This may come as a surprise but I guess his villaneous character is simply irressistable. Karasu was introduced during the Ankoku Bujutsukai and a member of the Toguro team. He was once defeated by Toguro ( like Bui ) and he was like a slave since then - always following Toguro's orders. Karasu has the ability to create extraordinary bombs that are very deadly and he also has an ability to blow anything up just by touching any object/any person. And he seemed to have an interest in Kurama which brought shivers and slight trauma to Kurama. Fortunately, he was defeated and killed by Kurama, but Kurama lost the match because he didn't got up in the count of ten.
bui BUI
A member of the Toguro team who wears a tremendously heavy armor and carries a gigantic ax. He was once defeated by Toguro Ottoto ( like Karasu ) and plans for his revenge. It was unfortunate for him that he was defeated by Hiei during the tournament, which means his revenge for Toguro would be meaningless or impossible.

He is the brother of Toguro Ottoto and has a body like a clay. He can regenerate himself whenever he's hurt, or one of his body parts was damaged, or simply whenever he wants to which means he is considered as an immortal. He was defeated by Kuwabara during their match in the tournament , but he did not actually die. He re-appeared during the final match between Toguro and Yusuke, but his body was not completely intact. Toguro Ottoto was the one who finished him off because he was too nosy. And just like before, he didn't die. He was confronted by Kurama during the Sensui Saga and he was defeated for good. A tree of hallucinations was attached to him which will give him nightmares or hallucinations. These nightmares will be with him until he dies, but since he is immortal, these nightmares ( or the tree ) will be with him for eternity. 

Toguro was once a person who had ordinary skills in fighting. He trained alot for self-improvement in terms of martial arts. One day,he invited some friends into a simple competition. That day could have been a day of fun to him but it became a nightmare to him instead when a hideous youkai appeared with unlimited strength. It killed all his friends and he wasn't able to protect them. That was the time he wanted to become stronger, to have absolute power. He trained himself to the fullest to be prepared to face the youkai who killed his friends. He met Genkai during those days and became his partner in the past Ankoku Bujutsukai. Toguro joined the tournament after hearing that the youkai who killed his friends would be there. Toguro and Genkai defeated that monster and became the champions. However, Toguro wasn't satisfied about it. He still wanted more power because he feared that one day someone would emerge and defeat him, and because of that, he sold his soul to the king of darkness and became a youkai. At that point on, he and Genkai got seperated and never saw each other until 50 years later.
he was killed by yusuke with the help of kuwabara during the previous ankoku.
The King of Rei Kai and Koenma's most respected and feared father. Enma Daioh has always valued justice and the balance of rei kai, ningenkai, and makai. That is why he ordered to kill Yusuke Urameshi. He feared that Yusuke, having inherited the ( evil ) blood of Raizen, might unconsciously destroy ningenkai. 
kaito KAITO YUU 
An intelligent high school student who goes to the same school as Kurama and can capture his opponents and entraps them in his territory without saying the forbidden word. If a person mentions the forbidden word, his spirit would be captured by Kaito. The people who were trapped inside his territory must capture Kaito's spirit so they could be free. Hiei 's spirit was captured because he was not careful. He mentioned the forbidden word in purpose and so did Kuwabara.  Botan mentioned it accidentally so her spirit was captured too. Kurama managed to defeat Kaito by winning the game; he made Kaito mention the forbidden word/alphabets. The spirits of the three were safely returned.

A follower of Genkai and has the ability of stepping to other's shadows and seizing them; making them unable to  move. He can also control his own shadow by moving it without moving his body. He also lead the group who kidnapped Yusuke upon Genkai's orders. 

A human who can copy anything from a person; his appearance, ability, memory, etc.. He has long blue hair that grows upward and a little slow in logic. He's also a trustworthy friend. 

no image


A former rei kai detective whom Yusuke seeked out and talked to about his problems. Mariko has long black hair, tall, and skinny. She is happily married to a novelist  and a fortune teller which was the reason for her retirement of being a tantei. She has two well-trained children with good skills in fighting . Their names are Kaisei Satou ( 9  year-old-male ) and Fubuki Satou ( 8 year-old-female ).

no image

A former boxer champion who has the ability to read other people's hearts. He confronted Yusuke before but he lost the match easily because Yusuke had no hesitation of defeating him. Soon after that, he was eaten by Gourmet, a follower of Sensui, and soon Gourmet inherited his ability to read other's hearts.

no image

Hiei and Yukina's mother. An ice maiden of Koorime who has a pure heart. She couldn't bare her male child to be cast from their homeland just because he is a fire demon. But the elders were rough and feared that the child could bring bad luck to Koorime. And so they cast the child and let Hina watched  it. The tear that Hina shed when she had Hiei was  given to the child by Ruri, Hina's best friend and the one who was ordered the cast the child.
hina RURI
Best friend of Hina. She's an ice maiden who was forced by the elders to throw the infant ( Hiei ) to the pits of the underworld. She inserted the gem ( a tear gem shed by Hina when she gave birth to Hiei ) into the straps that covered the baby's body. She whispered to the baby that when he reaches the right age, he can take his revenge upon them because Ruri knows that she just did was unforgivable.  

shigure SHIGURE
Hiei's former best friend and the one who implanted the jagan on his forehead. Sigure is also very skilled in fighting. He knows his every move which Hiei find it difficult to surpass. Sigure became Mukuro's right hand right before Hiei returned to Makai accepting his invitation from Mukuro. Sigure was defeated by Hiei when they were both forced to fight each other by Mukuro, but Hiei's other arm was sliced and he went unconscious. To identify Sigure easily, there are many huge rings that are attached to his body and his weapon is a huge ring blade.

shura SHURA
Yomi's son created out of a machine. Shura was created so they both could defeat Yusuke in the Makai tournament, but Yomi unavoidably faced him in a match and Shura was defeated eventually. After the competition, they both decided to carry on their training to prepare themselves for the next tournament. Alternatively, Shura possesses remarkable strength, agility, and speed that are, of course, beyond his years. However, he still had some childish gestures which is unavoidable since he is still a child. 

A very powerful fighter. She is also adored by Chu ( from the Ankoku ) and promised to go out with him once she was defeated by him. She fought Mukuro during the Makai tournament and she was defeated ( not sure 'bout this one )
enki ENKI
A good friend of Raizen. To describe him, he is huge, has curly hair,and he has a mustache. He is married ( I forgot the name of the girl ) and he actually is kind-hearted and has a good spirit. He is also a strong fighter that almost matches with an S-level youkai. At the later end of the series, he became the champion of the Makai Tournament and became the ruler of Makai ( or a portion of it ) for the next three years. Under his governance, Makai experienced peace and order. )
This girl is Enki's wife. Her favorite vice is drinking ever since Raizen died. Enki was pretty aware that the girl had a 'thing' for Raizen but Raizen never gave her the chance to love him since Raizen had already someone special in his heart.  So when Raizen died she was devastated but Enki, as her husband, was always there to comfort her.  Also take note that this girl is also one tremendously strong fighter. 
mukuro MUKURO
An S-Class youkai who sent an invitation to Hiei. She was also one of Raizen's strong opponents. When Hiei almost died after the match between him and Sigure, Mukuro helped him recover by putting him inside a tank that healed all his wounds and injuries. When Hiei recovered, he became Mukuro's right hand.
The king of Makai and the surprising ancestor of Yusuke. Raizen stopped eating humans years ago when he met a woman who helped and nursed him back to health. He fell inlove I guess and made love. That was the time when he stopped feeding on humans and it's the exact reason why he is dying. Since death is upon him, he invited Yusuke over to Makai to be his successor to rule over Makai and be trained to become stronger. He eventually died ( due to natural cause ) and there were plenty of strong but kind-hearted fighters who went over to his burial. The fighters all agreed to participate in the up-coming Makai tournament and join Yusuke's side for their friend, Raizen's, sake.  
yomi YOMI
An S-Class youkai who sent an invitation to Kurama. Yomi is blind but has a strong sense of hearing that's like he's not blind at all. Yomi, being a veteran fighter and all,  defeated Yusuke in the Makai tournament. However, Yomi did not win the tournament because he was defeated by Enki. After the tournament, he traveled with his son in Makai to train and to prepare themselves for the next tournament.

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